This could be one of the most Beautiful wood garage door     Click Here for Photo Gallery
you’ve ever seen. Except it’s not Wood.


Available in:Model 9800 has been magnificently engineered by Wayne-Dalton with an artfully molded wood-grain fiberglass surface concealing durable steel construction. It's energy efficient, quiet, safe and a beautiful design complement to your home. The 9800 is the industry gold standard.

Choose a design

The 9800 comes in a variety of architectural styles to add beauty and value to your home. Three-section styling on 7' high and under doors gives a custom design look. Our doors over 7' and up to and including 8' high have four-section styling. All panels have finished white interiors with white low-profile hinges.


                                                                        Horizontal panel                               Vertical panel                                 Sonoma Panel Design                 V-Groove panel
                                                                       (Shown in Mahogany)                       (Shown in Oak)                               (Shown in Cherry)                         (Shown in Oak)


                                                                 Color Choose:

                                                                   Mahogany                       Gray                             Oak                             Clay                            Walnut                             Green

                                                                                                     Honduran Mahogany                Red Oak                 Cherry (Sonoma only)                    White

                                                                                               Please note: Actual colors may vary from images on this web site. or in the product brochures.

                                                                                               Choose a window style to complement your home

                                                                                                    Oscure Glass                                              Clear Glass                                              Satine Privacy Glass

Choose decorative hardware and accents

 The Euro Collection:
Each collection consists of four 16" x 2" hinge straps and two 9" pull handles. Every piece is made from black powder coated steel with a hand-hammered look. Additional accent pieces are available to match or complement each collection. The Euro Collection Inspired by the detailing of Old World estates, the Wayne-Dalton Euro Collections incorporate classic design icons


Strap Hinges.
                    Fleur-de-Lis                               Barcelona                        Spear (Individual available in 16" 24" 32"

                      Aspen                                             Conifer                                         Arrow
___________________________________________________________________________________________  Corner & Angle Brackets

Fleur-de-Lis            Barcelona            Spear                Aspen                 Conifer                  Arrow

Clavos & Door Studs

                                            Round                                         Pyramid                                Door Studs

Hammered Knockers

Fleur-de-Lis             Barcelona             Spear               Aspen                  Conifer                   Arrow

Lift Handles

                Fleur-de-Lis                            Barcelona                                  Spear


                  Aspen                                    Conifer                                     Arrow

Polyurethane foamed-in-place insulation
Foamed-in-place insulation with an R-Value of 7.6* helps control costly heat loss and gain. 
It also acts as an accoustic break to help block street noise.
* Insulation values have been calculated in compliance with DASMA TDS-163 industry standards.

* Insulation values have been calculated in compliance with DASMA TDS-163 industry standards.

Lifetime Limited Warranty:

Wayne-Dalton warrants the 9800 insulated garage door for as long as you own the door from the time of installation against structural failure (rendering the door inoperable) of the door sections due to separation/degradation of foam insulation.* Insulation values have been calculated in compliance with DASMA TDS-163 industry standards.


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